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Score Live Bookings on CiiRUS Rental Exchange

Josh Parry
Josh Parry
March 8, 2022
Score Live Bookings on CiiRUS Rental Exchange

CiiRUS customers have exclusive access to Rental Exchange, a live marketplace where you can claim unallocated wholesale reservations for your homes.

Historically, wholesale relationships were exclusively held by larger individual management companies. We’re helping change this through our wholesale distribution platform, HomeBeds, so all CiiRUS customers can share in a high volume of wholesale reservations, without giving away your whole calendar or signing exclusive contracts.

With Rental Exchange, simply pick-and-click to score live, confirmed reservations from the marketplace. HomeBeds adds new bookings into the system every day with specific rates and criteria. The system shows which of your homes are available and meet the criteria required to claim the booking. Within clicks, the reservation and all necessary details are added to the calendar.

New bookings are uploaded multiple times daily. There is no contract required, and the reservations will be in high demand; we recommend looking frequently to have the best opportunity. Don't be discouraged if you arrive to an empty marketplace, as new bookings go quickly.

How to Claim a Reservation

Step 1: Open the Rental Exchange workspace

  • Navigate within CiiRUS to Channel Manager > Other Channels > Rental Exchange

Step 2: Locate a Booking

  • The table shows all the available bookings, the supplier, rate, and additional information. Review the criteria and click the desired booking.

The Rental Exchange Interface
Rental Exchange shows unallocated reservations available for you to claim.

Step 3: Place the Booking in a Property

  • Click the arrows on the left of a booking to “Show matching properties.” This opens a table showing available properties that match the criteria (see further instructions below if no properties appear).
  • Click the property in which to place the booking and select “Request Reservation.” A prompt will show to approve the supplier’s terms.

Step 4: Approved and Booked

  • Within 24 hours, the request will be reviewed by HomeBeds, and once approved, added to the selected property’s calendar.

How to Configure Homes for Rental Exchange (If homes do not appear in step 3 above)

Step 1: General Amenities

  • Navigate in CiiRUS to Owners & Homes > Quick Property Setup. Ensure the fields for Bedrooms, Baths, Sleeps, Pool, Spa, Games, and Class are filled in.  

Step 2: Community

  • Check the “location” box in the ‘view settings’ and scroll over to “Community.” Ensure this is specified.

How to Opt-Out of Email Alerts for New Rental Exchange Bookings

Step 1: Open Rental Exchange

  • Navigate within CiiRUS to Channel Manager > Other Channels > Rental Exchange

Step 2: Disable Notifications

  • Un-check the box labeled “Receive notification emails of new Nomad bookings?”
Josh Parry
Josh Parry
Josh is the Chief Marketing Officer at CiiRUS, where he has been working with vacation rental managers in various capacities since 2014. He is passionate about helping VRMs increase their revenue earning potential and operational efficiency.

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