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Exclusive payment processing solutions for CiiRUS customers!

We're pleased to announce the launch of CiiRUS Pay, a new payment gateway built in partnership with Lynnbrook, specifically for CiiRUS customers.

CiiRUS Pay and Lynnbrook being vacation rental industry-specific means more competitive rates & highly tailored customer service, but being CiiRUS-specific means exclusive features and benefits you can only get as part of the new integration.

Ciirus Pay

A purpose-built payment solution for CiiRUS users!

CiiRUS Pay, powered by Lynnbrook, is a full payment facilitation solution - no third parties required to process payments.

CiiRUS & Lynnbrook are experts in the field and specialize in short-term rentals, meaning faster approvals/payouts, more help with chargebacks, & more competitive rates than third parties.

A trust account solution that works perfectly with the built-in CiiRUS trust accounting module is included to make getting started easy.

With Lynnbrook's in-house facilitation, it's faster and easier than ever for vacation rental managers to get approved for processing at a competitive rate.

At no extra cost, our technology helps to stop fraudulent guests from checking in to your rentals.


Earn more while getting superior protection

Enter how many homes you manage and how many bookings you expect to see from each home per year, and our calculator will output your expected earnings on CiiRUS Protect!

Peace of mind

How CiiRUS Pay protects you and your rentals

In addition to the deeply integrated payment gateway solution, CiiRUS Pay offers you and your homeowners more value in the form of optional fraud mitigation for no additional cost.

For each last-minute booking (placed within 7 days of arrival), we send a text and an email, branded to your company, asking the guest to complete a simple two-factor authentication process.

Lynnbrook checks the records tied to the cell phone used, verifies how long it's been in service (to catch burner phones), and cross-references the located records with the guest booking data. The process generates a trust score of 0 to 1000 to indicate whether the guest is trustworthy or likely to result in fraud.

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Peace of mind

Add value to guests & homeowners

In addition to gaining you a new direct income stream, guests and owners earn more value and peace of mind from being your customer.

CiiRUS Protect covers all types of risk and exposures that arise from vacation rental activities, which are not covered by typical homeowners insurance. The plan adds an increased amount of vital protection against many types of damages that occur during the stay, ranging from as small as a broken lamp (contents protection up to $25,000) to a catastrophic kitchen fire (protecting your home up to $1 million in real property damages).

The program also includes protection against bodily injury lawsuits that may come from travelers staying at the rental property ($1 million in protection) and adds bed bug remediation ($15,000 including lost rental income).

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Step 1

Sign up

Enter your info below and our team will get in touch to set everything up for you.

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Step 2

Guests book

Guests book seamlessly as usual; the protection fee is itemized at checkout.

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Step 3

You get paid

You keep 20% of the revenue, and the rest pays for the protection plan.

it's easy

Getting started and getting paid is simple

We've automated the process of applying the protection plan to your reservations on all of the major marketplaces. Simply sign up, get protected, and earn a revenue share.

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Frequently asked questions

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Is the program a Homeowners policy?
If a guest gets sick or contracts an infection such as COVID-19, am I protected?
Are non-occupied days protected?
What is the deductible for the program?
What are the limits of protection?
Are stays by my managed unit’s family members or personal guests protected by the Program?
Are bed sheets, pillowcases and towels covered under the Program?
What is the cost of the Program?
Am I selling insurance when the program is applied to my bookings?
Is the protection included with every booking?
Will you include my OTA or Third-Party bookings such as VRBO/Airbnb/HomeAway from the program?
Is damage that already existed prior to the effective date protected?
Will the program pay for liability suits related to occurrences prior to my CiiRUS program effective date?
What are my duties as a protected property manager?
What happens if an owner discovers physical damage to the rental unit?
What should I do if I receive legal notice of potential liabilities arising out of a contracted rental?
Will the program respond even if my primary insurance does not?
Can I bind or affect the program protection by phone?

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