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60+ Essential Vacation Rental Amenities For Modern Rentals

Josh Parry
Josh Parry
February 2, 2023
60+ Essential Vacation Rental Amenities For Modern Rentals

Scaling your vacation rental business is fraught with challenges and potential obstacles on the path to success. With all the moving parts, it’s easy for some properties’ performance to fall behind.

When surveying vacation rental managers on our platform, of all the things that can impact a listings’ performance, the one that has always stood out the most is the selection and availability of right amenities.

The top vacation rental listing sites like Airbnb and Vrbo take your advertised amenities into account when determining how to rank your listings among all of the competitors. Either not offering or forgetting to check-off the best amenities that are in high demand from potential guests and can be a deal breaker, and cost you valuable reservations.  

There are countless vacation rental amenities you could offer which will of course vary by the requirements of each guest and rental home market, but it’s important for a growth-oriented property manager to understand and smartly select in-demand vacation rental amenities for their homes.

CiiRUS has curated essential amenities checklist that discerning guests expect to see on a quality listing so you can easily catch their attention and set yourself apart from competitors’ listings. Get checklist for vacation rentals below: 

Free Vacation Rental Amenities Checklist For VRMs

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What is a Vacation Rental Amenity?

We define an amenity as a desirable or useful home feature that offers comfort, convenience, or enjoyment to guests at your vacation rental homes. Most importantly, guests use the amenity filtering tools on top channels like Airbnb and Vrbo to narrow down and select their ideal rental.

Savvy guests who choose to stay in a vacation rental home rather than a hotel typically do so because they expect the vacation rental to have a wider range of in-property features, conveniences, and basic amenities.

Neglecting to cater to a guest’s desire for an amenity-inclusive rental can be costly. Make wise investments in vacation rental amenities that will set your listing apart and be appealing to guests. Talk to your homeowners and get them onboard with keeping the home appointed with contemporary and in-demand extras.

97 percent of travelers say vacation rental amenities can make or break their vacation, according to a survey by Airbnb. Vacation rental amenities checklist plays a significant role when guests are confused between two listings. For example, people will rush to reserve a vacation rental home with a pool and WiFi, out of the two homes listed at the same daily pricing. Wifi is a given in the modern rental landscape, but simply forgetting to check that box on the listing can be a costly mistake, and make your listings less valuable to potential guests than your competitors’.

Vacation Rental Amenities to make your listing stand out?

Customers are becoming increasingly demanding, and they can filter their searches based on the amenities they prefer, whether on Airbnb or other vacation rental listing sites. As a result, it's critical that your vacation rental provides as many of these requested amenities as possible, as this will help you appear in more searches.

These common amenities are often taken for granted even by skilled and professional vacation rental managers who lose out on easy bookings by not specifying on each listing that these amenities are provided:

a.  Swimming Pool/ Private Pool

b.  A Fully Equipped Kitchen

c.  Free Parking

d.  Pet-Friendly Space

e.  Heating and/or Air Conditioning

f. Jacuzzi/Hot Tub

g. Welcome basket

h. Smart Home Devices

I. Blackout curtains

J. Garbage bags

k. Master bedroom and Closet space

Always post high-quality photos and thumbnails of your vacation rental amenities on your website or wherever you list. With a lot of text to read, a simple photo to shine a spotlight on key vacation rental amenities will ensure that any potential customer can learn about the best features and amenities that you are offering at your modern vacation rental home.

We’ve narrowed down the top amenities that travelers use to find their ideal rental, and which can help you earn more by implementing in your rentals:

Fast, reliable and High Speed Wi-Fi

Providing a reliable internet connection is essential for guests in today's world. Guests may use the internet for work, entertainment, and staying in touch with friends and family. Since the pandemic, it has become one of the most certain vacation rentals amenities because your guests may have come for a workcation.

Cable TV/ Smart television/ Streaming Services

A TV with a variety of channels is a must-have for many guests. They may want to stay up-to date with the news, watch a movie, or just relax and have some quality time in front of the smart TV. Downtime is important on any vacation!

Air conditioning

AC is essential for guest comfort and Non-negotiable for vacation rentals in warm, coastal markets. It helps to keep the rental home cool and prevents guests from feeling too hot and uncomfortable. Most guests will not book a rental without air conditioning or climate control.


During the winter months or in mountain/ski markets with typically lower temperatures, guests expect to be able to warm up after returning from outdoor activities. Make sure to emphasize the availability of heating in places where it’s essential, to avoid losing easy bookings. Indoor fireplace can also be an attractive amenity to have on your vacation rental property.  

Washer and dryer

Having a washer and dryer on-site is convenient for guests who are staying for an extended period or have children. It allows them to do laundry easily and keep their clothes clean throughout their stay.

Fully equipped kitchen

A kitchen that is fully equipped with all the necessary appliances, cookware, wine glasses, and utensils is important for guests who want to cook their own meals. After all, the availability of a kitchen is one of the primary distinctions that set vacation rentals aside from hotels.  


A dishwasher saves time and effort for guests who want to cook their own meals. It makes cleaning up after meals much easier and more convenient. Many guests use short term rentals to self-cater, which they can’t do at a hotel. Providing a dishwasher is another way to tell potential guests about the quintessential vacation home experience.


A microwave is a convenient appliance that allows guests to quickly and easily heat up food and drinks. This is another slam-dunk amenity found in most rentals, but which many forget to highlight and mistakenly turn away lookers.

Oven and stove

An oven and stove are essential for guests who want to cook their own meals. They allow guests to prepare a wide variety of dishes, from simple meals to gourmet dishes.


A refrigerator is essential for storing food and drinks. It keeps perishable items fresh and allows guests to keep drinks and snacks on hand.

Coffee maker

A coffee maker is a must-have for many guests, as it allows them to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, or any time they want. Got to perk up before heading out to enjoy the local attractions!


A toaster is a convenient appliance that allows guests to make toast and other breakfast items quickly and easily.


A blender is a useful appliance that allows guests to make smoothies, milkshakes, and other blended drinks.

Iron and ironing board

An iron and ironing board are essential for guests who want to keep their clothes looking neat and wrinkle-free. Guests traveling for weddings or other formal events will view this as a must-have.

Hair dryer

A hair dryer is a must-have for many guests, as it allows them to dry and style their hair quickly and easily.

Towels and linens

Having fresh towels and linens is essential for guest comfort. It allows guests to feel refreshed and clean throughout their stay. Offering bath towels sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how great of an impact forgetting to provide enough clean bath or beach towels and linens can have on negative reviews. Sleep masks can also come in handy.  

Vacation Rental Toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc.)

Providing basic toiletries such as soap, shampoo, and conditioner is important for guest convenience. It saves them from having to bring their own or purchase them while on vacation.

Outdoor seating area

An outdoor seating area allows guests to enjoy the natural beauty of the rental home's surroundings while relaxing and taking in the fresh air. Outdoor space can be around the pool or a balcony or a lawn at the back of the property. You can provide outdoor furniture for additional comfort.  

Grill or BBQ

A grill or BBQ is a must-have for many guests, as it allows them to cook and enjoy meals outdoors. It can help your guests have some family fun time together. After all, a family that eats together stays together!

Fire pit

A fire pit is a great addition for guests to enjoy an outdoor evening and a great source of warmth during the chilly nights.

Hot tub or Jacuzzi

A hot tub or Jacuzzi is a luxurious addition that many guests appreciate. It allows them to relax and unwind in a soothing and warm environment and can be a great way to ease sore muscles after a day of activities.

Swimming pool

A swimming pool is a great amenity for guests to enjoy during the summer or warmer months. It allows them to cool off, have fun, and exercise while on vacation. You can also setup fold up chairs in the Pool area.

Recreational area

A game room or entertainment area is a great way for guests to have fun and enjoy their time together. It can include activities such as pool tables, arcade games, and table tennis.

Office or workspace

An office or workspace is important for guests who need to work or conduct business while on vacation. It allows them to have a quiet and dedicated area to focus on their work.

Walk-in closet

A walk-in closet provides guests with extra storage space to keep their clothes and belongings organized during their stay.

Extra storage space

Extra storage space is important for guests who are staying for an extended period or have a lot of luggage. It allows them to keep their belongings organized and out of the way.

Alarm clock

An alarm clock is important for guests who need to wake up at a specific time. It allows them to set an alarm and wake up on time without having to rely on their phone. Old fashioned perhaps, but catering to a wide range of guest preferences draws a direct line to more reservations for your listings.

Smoke detector

A smoke detector is an essential safety feature that alerts guests to potential fire hazards.

Carbon monoxide detector

A carbon monoxide detector is an essential safety feature that alerts guests to potential carbon monoxide hazards.

First aid kit

A first aid kit is an important safety feature that allows guests to provide basic medical care in case of emergencies.

Fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is an important safety feature that allows guests to put out small fires and prevent them from spreading. Depending on your location, fire prevention materials are possible required by law.

Emergency contact information

Emergency contact information is important for guests in case of emergencies. It allows them local calls to contact quickly and easily someone who can help them.  


A safe provides guests with a secure place to store valuables and important documents.

Keyless entry

Keyless entry allows guests to access the rental home without having to carry around a physical key.

Off-street parking

Off-street parking space provides guests with a safe and convenient place to park their cars.

On-site laundry facilities

On-site laundry facilities allow guests to do laundry easily and conveniently while on vacation.

Pet-friendly accommodations

Pet-friendly accommodations are important for guests who travel with their pets. It allows pet owners to bring their furry friends with them on vacation. This accounts for a huge portion of the traveler market. It’s important to specify one way or another whether each listing is pet friendly so that you can avoid unexpected pet surprises for you, your owners, and your guests. You can provide pet bowls to help your guest and their furry friends.  

Handicap accessibility

Handicap accessibility is important for guests who have mobility challenges. It allows them to easily move around the rental home and use other amenities.


An elevator is important for guests who have mobility challenges or for those who have a lot of luggage to carry.

Concierge service

Concierge service provides guests with assistance and information about the rental home and local area.

Daily housekeeping

Daily housekeeping ensures that the vacation homes stay clean and organized throughout the guests' stay. In case, you don't offer daily house cleaning service, you can provide all the essential cleaning supplies.  

Room service

Room service allows guests to enjoy meals and drinks in the comfort of their own rental home.

Grocery delivery service

Grocery delivery service allows guests to have groceries delivered to the rental home without having to leave. It is an aid to the comfort of your guests to get essential items delivered because they might be busy with work or want to avoid the stress of shopping while on vacation.

Airport transportation

Airport transportation allows guests to get to and from the rental home easily and without having to worry about renting a car or hailing a taxi. It can be a convenient and stress-free way for guests to start and end their vacation.

Fitness center

An on-site fitness center allows guests to stay active and maintain their fitness routine while on vacation.

Spa services

Spa services such as massages and facials can provide guests with a relaxing and rejuvenating guest experience during their stay.

Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, or kayaking can provide guests with a fun and exciting way to explore the local area and get some exercise, with the basic gym equipment.

Golf course access

Golf course access allows guests who enjoy golf to play on a nearby course while on vacation.

Ski-in/ski-out access

Ski-in/ski-out access allows guests who enjoy skiing or snowboarding to easily access the slopes without having to drive or take a shuttle.

Beach access

Beach access allows guests to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf while on vacation. It is one of the prime amenities that can turn lookers in your favor when browsing beach-front listings.

Boat rental

Boat rental allows guests to explore the local waterways and enjoy activities such as fishing, water-skiing, and sightseeing.

Fishing equipment

Fishing equipment allows guests who enjoy fishing to do so in the local area without having to bring their own gear. Fishing is a great way to appeal to those who already have it on their to-do list, as well as families looking for new activities to try while traveling.


Bicycles allow guests to explore the local area in a fun and healthy way. It’s always a plus to have a couple of bicycles parked at your vacation rental

Baby equipment

Baby equipment such as cribs and highchairs can be provided for guests traveling with young children. Traveling with little ones is stressful enough, let alone when the rental doesn’t provide all the essentials for hosting children.

Children’s activities

Children’s activities such as games, puzzles, and books can provide entertainment and education for young guests. It will keep the kids entertained while your guests work or unwind.

Board games and puzzles

Board games and puzzles can provide entertainment and activities for guests of all ages.

Books and magazines

Books and magazines can provide entertainment and relaxation for guests during their stay. Keep your magazine collection up to date and provide the latest best-sellers to show guests that you care about their experience.

Music system

A music system allows guests to listen to music and enjoy their favorite tunes while on vacation. You can enhance your guest experience by providing high quality equipment such as a Bluetooth sound bar or surround sound system.

DVD player

If you can’t invest in a Smart TV with streaming capabilities, be sure to provide a DVD player with an impressive collection of movies and TV shows for guests to enjoy.

Home Theater

A projector and home theater screen can provide guests with an immersive movie-watching experience. Your guests would enjoy watching their favorite show or movie on a big screen, without going to a theater. This amenity looks awesome and extra impressive when shown in your listing’s image gallery.

If you’re overwhelmed after reading through checklist for vacation rentals amenities, don’t be! You probably have a lot more of these essentials accounted for than you realize. Thoroughly check every listing in your portfolio to ensure as many boxes are checked as possible to help you ranker better on Airbnb, Vrbo, and the other top listing sites.

You can also download CiiRUS’s curated list of vacation rental amenities below, to ensure your vacation rental properties have everything they need!

Highlight Your Vacation Rentals Amenities with A Professional Listing Management Tool

You can make your vacation rental irresistible to potential bookers by ensuring that your listings accurately reflect certain amenities. Paying attention to the details can be as simple as configuring your listing to display your basic and stand-out amenities.

Consider including the best ones that fit your ideal guests' budgets and complement the theme of your property. Listing these vacation rental amenities will result in more views, more bookings, and higher customer ratings.

When things start to get busy because you're getting more reservations, using dependable vacation rental software can help you maximize the efficiency of hours you spend checking calendars, bookings, inquiries, and so on.

CiiRUS, a highly integrated software designed for vacation property managers, it assists you in working smarter and earning more rental income by streamlining communications, reservations, billing, revenue management, marketing, and many other tasks.

You can quickly check bookings across properties and websites by simply logging into just a single platform and you can start prioritizing your day. Improve your listings by including pictures and descriptions that are optimized for marketing and vacation rental search engines such as Airbnb and Vrbo.

Sign up for a free trial or request a demo to learn how CiiRUS works.

Free Vacation Rental Amenities Checklist For VRMs

Download Our Free Vacation Rental Amenities Checklist Now!

Download this CiiRUS curated free vacation rental amenities checklist to offer the best experience to your guests.
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Josh Parry
Josh Parry
Josh is the Chief Marketing Officer at CiiRUS, where he has been working with vacation rental managers in various capacities since 2014. He is passionate about helping VRMs increase their revenue earning potential and operational efficiency.

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