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Sync your listings with Airbnb, Vrbo & more with the CiiRUS Channel Manager

Directly connect to the leading online channels to boost your operational efficiency and earning potential. No third parties or commission payments!

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Elite channel manager

Directly integrate with Airbnb, Vrbo, & more

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Go to market better

Increased exposure & rental revenue

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Professional listing optimization & revenue management

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why direct connections?

The benefits of direct Channel Management with CiiRUS

More than just content & availability. Sync reviews, messages, terms, policies, amenities, & more.

Target the ideal guest profile on each site by tailoring your rates, descriptions, & policies on a per-channel basis.

Browse and connect with hundreds of integrated tools including OTAs, payment processors, insurance, smart-home, & more.

Reservations from all connected channels are synchronized in one place with your property care schedule and rate calendar.

Messages and reviews from Vrbo & Airbnb guests can be handled directly inside of CiiRUS. Boost efficiency & satisfaction!

Frequently asked questions

Better channel management with CiiRUS

Is there a cost for bookings placed?
Do I need to plug in a third-party channel manager?
Are the integrations reliable?
What are the main integration features?

Explore the powerful channel manager built-into CiiRUS Vacation Rental Software


What our rockstar customers say

Sarah B
27 homes

"Implementation with CiiRUS was as seamless a transition as it could have been given the large amount of data that we had to bring over. Switching software companies definitely feels daunting, so we love that the CiiRUS team is available to help any time we need!"

Gina P
426 homes

“We continue to be impressed with the responsiveness, creativity, dedication, and professionalism of the whole CiiRUS team. I am confident CiiRUS will continue taking the lead in software innovation and customer satisfaction”

Terry W
34 homes

“Awesome software. I chose CiiRUS because I thought it was the best software, and the company had a better understanding of the industry. The software is world class, easy to learn and use."

Jessica G
25 homes

“Excellent customer service. Always there to assist. I would recommend CiiRUS to any VRM looking for a supportive team and great system.”

Rafael N
9 homes

“I love using CiiRUS! It's a lifesaver. The customer service is outstanding, and the software makes our daily property operations so much more efficient.”

Mandi S
21 homes

"We're so glad we switched from our old software. CiiRUS meets all our needs, and the team is very helpful, wanting us to succeed. Our bookings are up, and our errors are way down. CiiRUS is always right!"

Nicole L
17 homes

"What my team loves most so far about CiiRUS is the customer service! They are amazing to work with and always respond promptly. I really feel like they take the time to listen to us and to help us navigate through the learning experience."

Paul S
45 homes

"Onboarding with CiiRUS was awesome. From initial consult, to implementation, to using it on a daily basis, the whole process has been seamless."

San Francisco Icon - Saasy Webflow Template
Tracy R
31 homes

"We truly love using CiiRUS as our short-term rental management platform. They continue to add new features and support. They truly help me and my team manage all of our properties."

Los Angeles - Saasy Webflow Template
Trina N
123 homes

"I have worked with many property management systems in the past and Ciirus is by far the most useful and informative. The option of creating your own reports based upon what information you may need has been extremely helpful in terms of revenue management as well as operations."

New York - Saasy Webflow Template
Lisa E
27 homes

"CiiRUS is easy to use and keeps us organized. If we need help, the support team responds the same day.  With CiiRUS, we've been able to deliver a better service to our clients and have doubled our reservations. Overall a fantastic company."

Natasha F
18 homes

"CiiRUS makes my day-to-day activities much easier. I would be lost without this system and am very grateful for the support I receive from their customer service team when I need help!"

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