Future of CiiRUS Development Roadmap

Creating the Future of Software Together

Introducing a new way to participate with our continued development roadmap.

Our mission for continued development

The way CiiRUS customers dictate the future of the software has always made us different. As one of the only mainstream providers to remain independently owned and operated, this principle is more important now than ever. As it has for over a decade, our customers' feedback will guide us for the decades to come.

How to participate

Requests can be submitted directly on this page. Our team will prioritize requests based on feasibility and demand. While all ideas are welcome, not every request will make it into the queue.

Before requesting, check the roadmap to see what's already in progress. To make a request, submit the form located on this page.

Navigating the roadmap

Roadmap items range from major modules to specific tweaks and sub-features. A color-coded status applies to each item to indicate our progress.

While the status is a good indicator of progress, it's no guarantee of time-frame or that the feature will make release. In an effort to uphold realistic expectations, we do not commit to completion dates until all testing is completed and the feature is ready to be activated.


A request has been submitted and approved to move into the development queue. Before being queued, the CiiRUS product specialists will do additional research and create a "spec", which serves as a guide for our development team.

in dev queue

The "spec" has been completed, and the request has been moved into the active queue. This means it's on a short list of items to be developed in the current or upcoming sprint.

in development

The development team is actively working on this request. Often, requests will reach a certain point in development when additional feedback from the customer or partner is needed. The status will remain "in development" until completed and ready for testing.

user testing

The initial "spec" has been completed by our developers. At least one user is selected, or several users will be invited to apply for testing. Glitches or additional requests are screened by our product specialists before being handed back to development.

pending release

Testing is complete and any fixes have been applied. Prior to release, our marketing department and product specialists collaborate to create tutorials, users guides, and announcements for the new feature.


The feature is ready to be used and has recently been published to the software. Tutorials, user guides, and other training materials are also made public.

New Software Features

updates to the core CiiRUS property management software.
Task Manager

Task Manager is CiiRUS' new end-to-end property care toolkit. Create dynamic checklists and requirements for cleans, maintenance, and inspections so that standards are met while reducing manual entry and margin for error.

Features include the following and more...

  • Enhanced mobile app for staff
  • On-property issue reporting
  • New reports & tracking options
  • Multi-lingual support
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Automated SMS (Texts)

Just as the CiiRUS CRM delivers template-based emails around user-defined triggers, the same can now be accomplished through SMS (text) messaging.

Configure custom SMS alerts with time and event based triggers around the guest booking life-cycle.

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Generate and deliver multiple property quotes for a guest in one action, rather than manually generating quotes for different properties one-by-one.

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Property Audit

The new Property Audit tool provides color-coded feedback on listing content. This helps determine if the data is sufficient for advertising on the major travel sites.

Going to market with insufficient data can be harmful to a listing's success. Use this tool to ensure that standard listing guidelines are met so you don't miss out on reservations or risk having a listing removed.

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GuestPass 2.0

In addition to a significant facelift, GuestPass 2.0 reflects modern guest communication needs with a deeper integration to the CiiRUS CRM, upselling cart extras, and other key modules.

Among other new features, the new build includes a custom theme builder, improved navigation, and an easier previewing interface while constructing GuestPass in CiiRUS.

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Trust Accounting Module

New tools and reports to keep better track of financials and differentiate money due to owners and vendors versus profit. The module fits right on top of existing accounting features and requires no migration.

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    Length-of-Stay Pricing

    Dynamically price based on new layers of rules that modify rate-sets in real time depending on the scenario.

    Rules can be based on the length of stay (such as a discount for stays of a certain length) or they can be based on the booking window (such as a discount for booking farther in advance and a surcharge for booking last minute).

    The rules are layered on top of existing rate-sets in user-defined scenarios, and will be supported on Vrbo and direct bookings upon launch.

    user testing
    New Content Manager

    The new CMS is a more modern and stable mechanism for tech-savvy users to make deep customizations to code-based areas in CiiRUS. Examples include the SEO modules, custom site pages, custom templates, blogs, and more.

    As ever, users are not required to use code to make modifications, but this facility will help those advanced users who do require code for their purposes.

    in development
    Unified Inbox

    The unified inbox brings guest messaging, inquires, marketing, and other communication from all connected sources into a single interface.

    Response templates and total-booking-summaries are available at a glance to deliver timely and accurate responses without diversion.

    In development
    Enhanced Notifications

    While CiiRUS One enables property managers to keep on top of their business on the go, it can still be challenging to stay in touch without fully integrated notifications around important activities.

    The enhanced notification module adds push notifications containing specific information about events and changes.

    Notifications can be toggled based on a specific user's needs and roles within the company.

    in development
    CRM 2.0

    CRM 2.0 further integrates property care, internal communications, vendor communications, and more with the existing CRM.

    New facilities, fields, and delivery methods will help increase the guest experience and revenue generating opportunities with ease.

    Research & discovery

    New Integration Features

    updates to the CiiRUS Channel Manager, integrated partnerships, and APIs.
    Airbnb Reviews Integration

    View and respond to Airbnb reviews and rate guests directly from the CiiRUS platform.

    Airbnb takes host participation in the review process into account when scoring listing performance; the facility within CiiRUS makes it easy to manage this expectation from a simple interface without leaving the software.

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    Multi-Merchant Module

    Connect more than one payment gateway system to one CiiRUS account, and determine which card types you want to process with each payment gateway.

    This is an effective way to address certain card types receiving different rates from a given payment gateway.

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    Vrbo Property Importer

    When adding a new property, simply copy and paste the existing link to the property on Vrbo, and CiiRUS will automatically detect essential details about the home so you can skip potentially time-consuming steps.

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    Airbnb Multi-Account

    It's now possible to connect more than one Airbnb account to one CiiRUS account.

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    Partner API Update

    The general API for external partners will be modernized and new functions added to reflect recent system changes.

    While property managers will not directly use the API, the benefit will be reflected in the quality of integrated partnerships.

    Airbnb Messaging Updates

    The character limit for Airbnb is raised from 120 to 40,000, allowing for more flexible communication with Airbnb guests directly from the CiiRUS system.

    This update also adds a new CRM category for sending templates to Airbnb guests just as is currently supported for direct bookings, Vrbo, and other channels where the property manager is the merchant of record.

    'Generali' (CSA) Integration

    The integration allows users who sell Generali (CSA) products to sync product codes and remit sales reports automatically.

    Marketing and check-out for Generali products can also be directly integrated to the booking website.

    Availability Import API

    For advanced users or timeshare aggregators with external systems, this update enables availability to be synced inbound via user-supported API.

    This feature is only available to those who have retained trained API developers who meet CiiRUS' standards for qualification.

    Airbnb Updates

    Airbnb avails new features and upgrades to the API on a regular basis. As an Airbnb Preferred Software Partner, CiiRUS addresses these updates and publishes new features regularly.

    Possible changes in this and future cycles include but are not limited to...

    • Request-to-book
    • Updated pricing rules
    • Reduced sync errors
    • Overall stability improvements
    In development

    General System Updates

    updates to existing features and general system infrastructure.
    AWS Database Phase 1

    CiiRUS migrated onto new servers with AWS. This move provides a scalable environment for our long-term goals of increased system speed and stability.

    Optimization of our presence on the new server will be constant and ongoing.

    This move is explained in detail on the CiiRUS System Events page which is linked below.

    View system events
    Search Hydration Loading

    CiiRUS websites now load results into the property search page as each home populates, rather than waiting until all data has loaded.

    This reduces loading time, offers a more streamline experience for guests, and reduces idle time between clicks.

    View more details on the CiiRUS System Events page.

    View system events
    Updated Windows Interface

    CiiRUS for Windows received a long-awaited face-lift!

    In addition to a modernized look and feel, the menu structure is tidied on the left of the screen which maximizes the workspace and increases efficiency.

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    'Elastic Beanstalk'

    A new web-app deployment technology by AWS will be applied to the CiiRUS One web-browser application to increase speed, stability, and scalability.

    Ongoing Database Upgrades

    A critical migration onto new AWS infrastructure was completed in early 2021, offering a scalable environment for the long-term improvement of CiiRUS in terms of speed, reliability, and overall stability.

    We have dedicated resources to ongoing improvement and maximization of our database resources. This helps us maintain and continually improve up-time and stability in the decades to come.

    in development
    UI/UX Simplification

    An ongoing effort to pare back 'legacy' features and present users with the most current and efficient way to operate within the system.

    In addition to hiding legacy features, users can also define unneeded features, tidying the interface down to only what they need.

    We will also simplify the general logic and flow of the system to enhance usability.

    in development
    Rate Flattening

    A back-end enhancement to the storage of rates in the CiiRUS system, which will make adding and amending rates more efficient and scalable.

    in development
    Navigation Assistant

    User guides will be directly integrated in the system, so you can quickly learn and re-learn a feature without leaving the interface.

    In addition to assistants for specific buttons and tables, there will also be assistants for larger processes and workflows, such as amending reservations finalizing an accounting month, and more.

    in development

    Offer feedback & request support

    Our team is here to help. Only with your engagement can we develop the future of software together. Whether you need account-specific support or would like to provide feedback for new developments, get in touch!