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These features have been recently released

Even more functionality for guests to access important information about their trip within clicks. The brand new interface is simple and attractive.

Daily reconciliation of funds owed to the property manager, owners, and vendors. Know where your money's going, what to pay out, and when.

See threaded Airbnb messages, Vrbo inquiries, website inquiries, and GuestPass messages in one combined list. Advanced editor & templates in a click.

Faster loading times and easier navigation. Pull in commonly grouped fields in a click, and save preferred custom report layouts to the cloud.

More quickly and intuitively create communication templates for email, SMS, and platform messaging.

Rules for triggering automated emails, SMS, and platform messages have been tightly reorganized to make configuration fast and logical.

nearly there

These features are being developed now

The AirBnb connection is being rebuilt from the ground up on the newest, more scalable technology.

Direct threaded messaging integration with Vrbo, relay for threading SMS and emails, and folios and guest profiles embedded in the module.

Set up alerts to any user or vendor around nearly any event trigger that could occur within the vacation rental operation.

getting started

These features are being prototyped & planned

Additional sorting, filtering and grouping in the calendar, clearer iconography to indicate extras and readiness, plus rates and M-LoS displayed on the grid.

Dashboard views that are specific to the department, with deeper insights and customization capabilities.

Create layered, weighted pricing rules based on the length of stay, time window between booking and arrival, holidays, events, and other factors.

Quickly browse and launch new integrations, and reach minimum-content compliance for any connected service.

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