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Send, Sign, & Store Electronic Documents Directly in CiiRUS

Josh Parry
Josh Parry
February 19, 2021
Send, Sign, & Store Electronic Documents Directly in CiiRUS

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Using CiiRUS' updated eCiiGN (E-Sign) Module, Property Managers can create documents to be electronically signed by guests, owners, vendors, and staff members. Procuring a signature on your rental agreement, for example, can help to prevent guest disputes before they happen, and protect your business from liability. A legally binding signature is far more powerful than simply asking a guest to check a box online.

Historically, it's been difficult for Property Managers to have all the important documents required to run their business physically signed and centrally stored. Documents would need to be manually exported, printed, signed by hand, scanned into a photocopier, and sent back. Sounds pretty inefficient! With eCiiGN, this whole process is handled directly within the CiiRUS account using a linear process that's a simple as Send, Sign, and Store.


eCiiGN is powered by the industry-leading CiiRUS CRM, meaning that documents can be delivered using the existing email and SMS system that fuels several other aspects your company's communications engine. This means that getting started with eCiiGN requires no additional setup beyond that which you've already completed to use the guest communication platform.

To set up an eCiiGN template, simply add a new CRM template, and select one of the eCiiGN categories from the picklist.

eCiiGN can be used to handle any of the following types of documents for guests, owners, staff, and vendors alike:

  1. Guest Rental Agreements
  2. Power of Attorney
  3. Management Contracts
  4. Rental Supplier Agreements
  5. Credit Card Authorization Forms
  6. Non-Disclosure Agreements
  7. Maintenance Approval

Simply add a new CRM template and assign an eCiiGN category to create a new document.

The contents of a template can range from a basic plain-text form, all the way to a custom-styled HTML page. The CiiRUS CRM includes hundreds of dynamic content merge fields, meaning that relevant contents about the guest, the home, and the reservation can be pulled into the document, along with the necessary fields to fulfill in the contract, such as a space for the signature, date, initials, and checkboxes.

The CRM offers hundreds of merge fields, including signatures, dates, initials, checkmarks, and more, for eCiiGN documents.

Once the template has been created, simply apply it to a CRM rule so it can be automatically delivered at a set point in the guest lifecycle. You can also send an eCiiGN document out from a guest record, owner record, or reservation directly.


Once the recipient opens the message containing their eCiiGN document, they will be directed to a webpage to complete and sign.

One of the biggest perks of CiiRUS' eCiiGN system is that the documents live totally within your brand infrastructure, on your own website. CiiRUS seamlessly embeds the eCiiGN engine into your site so that guests feel at home with their trusted Property Manager, and are not redirected to third party apps or services.

The eCiiGN agreement displays natively on the PMC's branded website portal.
Guests choose from several signing styles, or hand-draw their signature.


Once an eCiiGN document is executed, it will appear 'signed' in the master table, which shows all completed and outstanding agreements from your system. Like just about every table in CiiRUS, this one can be custom sorted and filtered to show only the documents within a certain date range, type, or status.

You can also open and see the status of eCiiGN documents directly from a given reservation folio, guest record, property, or owner from their dedicated screens.

Document records can be managed from the master table or on a per-booking basis.

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Introducing new electronic signature technology for your business is not only a boon to your efficiency, but helps avoid liability from non-binding online terms, so you can avoid disputes with guests before they have a chance to arise. Implementing eCiiGN directly through CiiRUS eliminates third parties and centralizes the process in your PMS.

If you're a CiiRUS customer, get started with eCiiGN today. The simple self-setup process is outlined in the user guide here. If you require additional training or assistance getting set up, feel free to contact us as always via the CiiRUS Help Center.

If you're not yet a CiiRUS customer, sign up for a demo, and one of our Industry Specialists will contact you to go over the full range of possibilities for your business on CiiRUS.

Happy eCiiGNing!

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Josh Parry
Josh Parry
Josh is the Chief Marketing Officer at CiiRUS, where he has been working with vacation rental managers in various capacities since 2014. He is passionate about helping VRMs increase their revenue earning potential and operational efficiency.

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