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Mobile-friendly Vacation Rental Software

Josh Parry
Josh Parry
April 22, 2021
Mobile-friendly Vacation Rental Software

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One of our product development team's core goals when creating software is to empathize with the vacation rental manager. That means placing ourselves in your shoes, and visualizing the end result in your hands. How will each feature ultimately perform when utilized in the real-world environment?

Unlike many VRM software providers whose desktop-only platforms keep users anchored to their office chairs and lacking real-time updates in the field, CiiRUS is built in a scalable, mobile-responsive environment that automatically adapts to the shape and size of the user's device. This means that all platform features are available from desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone; in fact, any web-enabled browsing device.

It's one thing to build a great back-office system for stationary use, but it doesn't take a day in the life of a property manager to know that 'stationary' isn't a realistic goal. Great online interfaces are moot when the majority of the user's day is spent in the field. Enter CiiRUS!

From the daily back-office platform, to the housekeeping software, to the guest portal, to the website, and in-between, CiiRUS' mobile inclusivity helps users maximize operational efficiency and avoid important work falling through the cracks. Here's an overview -

PMS Back-Office

The CiiRUS PMS interface exists in three parallel iterations:

(1) The CiiRUS Desktop app, an extremely powerful user experience that draws directly from your computer's OS, bypassing all sorts of browser-related speedbumps while remaining cloud-based, (2), the CiiRUS Mobile App, which delivers core features through the smart phone's OS, and (3) our flagship CiiRUS One interface, a fully scalable and mobile-responsive interface where all platform features are optimized and accessible on any web-enabled device.

Drawing from decades of experience in software development, the interface was designed from the ground up so that any feature could seamlessly adapt to a mobile environment without compromising the power and intuition of the standard desktop view while in the office.

Task Manager

CiiRUS users have no need to spend more and lose efficiency on third-party operational software. Task Manager reimagines the workflow between the management software and the housekeeping, maintenance, and inspection platform, bringing all of this together into one seamlessly integrated suite.

Everything from the scheduling of the job through to the checklisting, dispatch, onsite reporting, issue resolution, and accounting are directly tied into the module.

The Task Manager mobile interface allows field staff to follow detailed job sheets that adapt to the type of job and specific property. The portal is multi-lingual to support your diverse staff, and even retains offline updates for work at more remote properties.

Booking Website

All CiiRUS accounts come with built-in, fully mobile-responsive website designs. Select one of several dynamic themes or work with our in-house development team on a custom build to elevate your brand.

Every CiiRUS website is conversion-focused, meaning it's our goal to minimize obstacles between your guests and their confirmed booking, creating intuitive flows from search through to booking.

The fully mobile-responsive environment delivers a high-end experience to guests, allowing you to capitalize on the mobile-booking boom, while boosting your brand in the eyes of current and prospective homeowners.

Guest Portal

Empower your guests to take control of their stay.

GuestPass puts critical information about the booking and chosen property directly in reach, reducing time spent answering simple questions while delivering a superior experience for each guest.

Guests can also request upgrades, chat with your agents, and browse attractions and local amenities.

On arrival day access codes, key location, wifi, and other secure information will be released to the guest, minimizing the potential for difficult or confusing check-ins.

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Josh Parry
Josh Parry
Josh is the Chief Marketing Officer at CiiRUS, where he has been working with vacation rental managers in various capacities since 2014. He is passionate about helping VRMs increase their revenue earning potential and operational efficiency.

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