The stunning, fully mobile-responsive user interface and management suite allow you to take control of your business and maximize efficiency.

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manage your bookings

Reservations Manager

Interactive charts and grids help reservationists manage daily arrival and departure operations, send quotes, add new bookings, and more. All-in-one folios house the entire guest record for current bookings and past history, bringing you closer than ever to your clients

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manage performance

Advanced Reporting System

Gain rich insights to your business with key performance tracking, customizable pivot grids, and more than 50 instant reports that export into a variety of different formats. The tables and charts in CiIRUS feature custom filtering and drag-and-drop customization.

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manage your operations

Task Manager

Housekeeping, maintenance, and inspections reimagined. Take full control of your onsite operations and empower your staff to maximize output.


The system automatically schedules departure cleans and inspections, then assigns them to your staff or contractors instantly. Each home's unique departure templates are automatically applied, though everything from cleaner, date, and clean type can be updated through the back-office.

Custom Checklists

Account for each home's unique assets and requirements using the comprehensive template-building system. Checklists can require item condition reports, quantity reports, photo references, and more. Easily springboard into new cleaning, maintenance, and inspection checklists for each home by duplicating and expanding on existing ones.

Mobile Field Application

The CiiRUS Task Manager App allows each cleaner, inspector, and maintenance-person to manage their assigned tasks on the go. The mobile-responsive application shows all outstanding tasks and checklist requirements. The app is multi-lingual and features offline support, meaning that your business keeps ticking even at properties in remote destinations.

Issue Reports

Onsite staff can instantly report damages or issues. These are sent to the back-office where the issues can either be dismissed, or converted into follow-up tasks, such as a word-order or deep clean.

Full Operational Integration

The housekeeping, maintenance, and inspection records are hooked into every aspect of your business, from reservations to accounting. Eliminate manual entry and lost revenue through full operational integration of the all-in-one CiiRUS platform.
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manage your money


Know where your money's going. The CiiRUS Trust Accounting module intuitively differentates money in hand versus net profit, and automates the end-of month financial process.
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Monthly Statements

The software knows the income that's been collected through reservations and extras, and apportions the amount due to owners accordingly. Through direct integration with the built-in cleaning, maintenance, bill payment, and inventory system, the software knows what else you've paid for on behalf of the owners, and helps build the statements seamlessly. Pay and get paid directly through the software.

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manage expenses

Bill Payments

CiiRUS organizes your bills by vendor, so you can see in a matter of keystrokes every home with an account for a certain vendor, and make bulk payments for amounts outstanding. If a certain bill has a fixed monthly cost, it can be automatically processed to the statement at the standard amount. Transaction categories in CiiRUS can be mapped to corresponding ledgers in QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Professional.

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More Management Features

The depth and flexibility of CiiRUS' property management tools makes it easier than ever to maximize operational efficiency
Performance Dash

The performance dashboard displays key indicators of success. Use interactive graphs to analyse occupancy, revenue, booking sources, and more.

Owner Portal

Spend less time answering the same questions. The portal empowers owners with insights to their home's performance, and puts you in total control.

Tax Reports

Enter custom tax regions and tax types. The built-in tax reports help minimize the risk of errors, and save time spent otherwise handling data at month-end.

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