Online & Back Office Reservation System

The advanced reservation engine can be inserted on multiple websites including externally hosted websites, with full back office control and monitoring.

The online reservation system directs your guests through each stage of the
reservation process. Unlimited optional extras can be offered to your guests via the online booking engine. Reservations and extras are centrally managed and can be updated at any time.

Booking fees, taxes and commissions auto calculated and set from custom rules for each reservation type.

Reports Creator & Occupancy Reporting

All common reports are available from the reporting module. These include expected arrivals, bookings, payments due, occupancy and more.

Every business is unique. The custom reporting module is a powerful tool to create custom reports using a dedicated report writing application to produce the exact reports and data views required for your business.


Online Quotes


Credit Card
Reports directly emailed in a number of formats including PDF, Excel, text and image or exported as HTML or CSV to another database or QuickBooks.

Real-Time Quoting Engine

Instant quotes auto emailed to guests along with the home description, images and quote information including any mandatory extras. Quotes can be requested online by your potential guests or emailed by a member of staff directly from the software. Sent quotes instantly become available to staff via a central quotes pool.

Create and send quotes for multiple agent rates sets.

Direct and Easy Data Integration

Importing & Exporting Data

Data can easily be imported from other vacation rental software
platforms to ensure a fast, easy and reliable transition with minimal
disruption to your business.

Data can be exported to other software applications like QuickBooks and Thomson Reuters. Our staff can help with integration.

Report data can be exported to common file formats including PDF, CSV, HTML, RTF and Email

XML Feeds

XML feeds send real-time availability, descriptions, images and alternative pricing bands to travel agents, and external web services..

Agent Integration

Ciirus provides a range of reservation tools that allows a two way interaction between services including approved booking agents.

Online Cart Options

You can add unlimited items i.e. Accidental Damage Insurance or Welcome Packs to the online reservation system check out cart. Items can be global or property specific with split owner/manager revenue sharing.

Cart items and pricing can be configured and updated at anytime
during or after the reservation has been made.


Homeowner Accounting

Property Manager instantly produces monthly email and online homeowner statements, saving time and effort.

The homeowner accounts are updated when activity is detected and
recurring payments are automated. Other automated statement features include; reservations, work orders, bill payments, housekeeping, tourists and sales taxes.

Owner statements can be viewed by the home owner from an online owner login or sent by email directly from the back office software. This provides distributed reporting for the home owner and the management company.

Batch Billing and
Invoice Scanning

The batch billing module allows payment of multiple owner bills with one check. Invoices can be scanned and available on demand. Copies can optionally be sent to the owners along with owner statements.

Product warranty information can be scanned, captured and available on demand.


Cleaning schedules and reports are auto created and housekeeping staff assigned. Establish custom rules and pricing for creating cleaning reports.

Tax Reporting

Multiple customizable tax bands can be set for any Country or region. Reservations and each extra can have alternative tax rules. The tax reporting tools deliver automated reservation and owner account integration. Tax reports are generated saving you precious time every month.

Work Orders

Work orders can be requested by the homeowner from their personal online user area or generated by a staff member.

The work orders can be viewed by the management company and the property owner (optional). Both can add and update comments regarding a work order. The management company can add pricing, calculate markups and taxes and the owner accounts are updated accordingly.

Real-time housekeeping & work order tracking (JobTracker)

View job start, in progress or complete status from any device using a touch tone phone and entering the job code. The back office software job status screen is updated in real-time.

Homeowner Management Services

Secure Homeowner Account Access

The homeowners can access their accounts via the online edition using any web browser. The management company can manage data access for each homeowner.

Reservations Management
Owner statement access
Inventory Controller
Availability calendars
Online quoting for guests
  Multi device account access
Two way communication portal
Auto email inquiries
Initiate & view work orders
Store and recall quotes

Personal Homeowner Web Sites

Each homeowner has a web site included. These web sites can function out of the box by selecting a predefined template. Each website can also be fully customized without using a template.

Web Site Builder
Embed features to external web sites
Free Community / Resort videos
Independent video media players
Template themes or custom web site
Visual description editor
Photo management

Management companies sometimes choose to keep the owner web sites This will increase Internet exposure, targeting specific keywords for each property website.

The additional web traffic generated by these websites can be directed to the master web site.

Secure Network Data Access

Working Together

Secure Network Servers manage connections between back office computers & mobile devices, linking data to commercial web sites, agent SuperSites, and external global reservation networks via XML feeds

Automatic Data Backup

Data backup is centralized and automatic. The data from all devices connected to your network is backed up to secure data backup servers.

Audit Trail History

The SecureTrack feature provides user change tracking. When key data is updated by administrator, staff or owners, the updates are recorded along with the user name, location and time the change was made creating an audit trail of updated information.

User Access Rights

Multi level password protection provides user defined data access to preselected data views based on user defined permission policies set by the administrator.

An optional IP filter will restrict data access to physical locations based on static IP addresses set by the administrator.
Access Platforms

Use any edition of Ciirus, anytime, they all work in sync. At the office the desktop edition provides a fully featured powerful Windows application. The Online edition is available from any web browser. The iPhone/iPad App is the perfect
companion for business on the go.

Windows Edition

The Windows edition allows a single or multiple business accounts open simultaneously providing supports for multi-company business operations.

Online Browser Edition

Access your business from any popular web browser. The Online edition is the preferred choice for most homeowners.

iPhone / iPad App

Access your business on the move. The App edition provides access many popular features and some unique features including the ability to take and upload photos and mobile credit card transactions.

Virtual Terminal

Remote access via Windows terminal server using desktop visualizations services like Amazon AWS or Citrix.

Apple Mac

Apple Mac access is available using Parallels. The Online edition is fully accessible from Apple Safari web browser.

Ciirus Property Manager Screen Shots

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This has a blue background with 50% opacity which fades in over 1 second (instead of 0.2 seconds). Bookings Schedule Grid Bookings List Owner Statment Account (Escrow Account) Quotes Generator Report Creator. Tax Reports Cleaning Schedule
startup screen
Schedule Grid
Schedule List
Owner Statement
Sales/Tourist Tax
Bookings Manager Web Descriptions Saved Quotes Recurring Payments Process Cleans Media Player Management Company Specific Property Details Reminders
Web Site
Media Player Property
& Reminders
Inventory Image Gallery Email Enquiries Booking Agents Manager Bill Payments Check Printing Web-Site Analytics This has a blue background with 50% opacity which fades in over 1 second (instead of 0.2 seconds). This has a blue background with 50% opacity which fades in over 1 second (instead of 0.2 seconds).
Inventory Image
Booking Agents
Bill Payments
Check Printing
Web Site

Ciirus Software System Specification - Key Functions

Sources Manual multi-staff/office. Automated via online reservations engine, agents, SuperSites
Financial disbursements CC payments, commissions, online cart options, owner payments, taxes, housekeeping, deposits
Views / search 2 x Graphical bar and calendar views. Multiple customizable column text list views with power search
Online Quotes On screen, via email includes quote, images and description, sent quotes saved to back office
Back Office Quotes Create, edit, save, convert, send by email, discounted quotes, multi-rate set quotes
Confirmation emails Guest, Owner confirmations. Unlimited custom templates: over 30 template tags for personalized emails
Relocation Visual drag and drop to another available home. Recalculates taxes, reschedules housekeeping
Categories Unlimited with custom behaviors
Lock box codes Default, local and per reservation override
Reporting Default reports, unlimited custom reports, occupancy reports
Extras Unlimited - cost configuration, selectable homes, available online cart and back office, mandatory and optional
Pricing / Rates Sets Unlimited rate sets for retail, agents and net rates
Marketing Newsletter builder, SEO, XML feeds, analytics, external agent access, SuperSites

Billing Batch bill processing, invoice & warranty scanning, check printing, account balance alert
Recurring Payments Variable amounts by home & service, process on set day of month
Process Cleans Pre check and edit values before sending to owner accounts
Auto account statements Created from reservations, taxes, cleans, cc cards, commissions, work orders, online payments & extras
Manual account statements Manual override, add/edit/delete items
Owner statement delivery 1). Available online via owner login display and exports to multiple formats including PDF, CSV & HTML
2). Selectable batch send from application by e-mail. CC and e-mail receipts
Audit Trails Yes - new and updated items recorded by SecureTrack
Categories Default and unlimited custom categories
Tax Multiple customizable tax bands. Allocation to owner accounts

Online Website Integration
Integration with
external existing website
Can be integrated with any existing website, includes: search, quotes, property details & media, online booking engine, calendars, contact form, rates, features. Integrated with back office.
Integrated Website Can be used as a primary or secondary website (no additional cost)
Website Builder WYSIWYG and HTML. Can also access via ftp
Default data features Fully integrated search, quotes, property details & media, online booking engine with credit card integration option, calendars, contact form, rates, feature icons, multi-currency, location selector. Integrated with back office.
Theme Customized via editor or easy start customized templates including navigation
Search Engine Optimization Meta-tags, online reviews, blog, site map, SEO reports, Google analytics integration
SuperSites (optional) Unlimited websites with full back office integration used for other language websites, commercial agent sites, private agent sites with alternative pricing, quotes and reservation options. Send your managed homes to a supersite.

Homeowner Management and Access
Homeowner System Access Via secure online web edition and/or Windows desktop edition (user details set by property manager)
Viewable information Information access rights and viewable data set by property manager on a per owner basis.
Available Views (set by PM) Owner statements, work orders, reservations, inventory, quotes, owner pricing, owner website builder
Online statement formats On screen, export PDF, CSV, HTML, RTF, Text, Image
Statements types By month, home (if owner has multiple homes), annual reports by category
Owner statement delivery 1). Available online via owner login display and exports to multiple formats including PDF, CSV & HTML
2). Selectable batch send from application by e-mail. CC and e-mail receipts
PM Reservations Displays guest name, arrival & departure date only. Cannot be edited or deleted.
Owner Reservations Fully editable (PM override)
Owner website (if enabled) Website builder, instant quotes, unlimited web pages, custom domain

Work Orders & Housekeeping
Job Tracking Live real-time status tracking via touch tone phone distributed to desktop and mobile devices
Job Dispatch Real-time to cell phone & email. As custom report schedules, view formats include PDF & CSV
Housekeeping Auto assign schedule, staff, type. Manual override
Back Office Fully featured admin control panel to add/edit/dispatch schedules with preset & custom reporting
Homeowner work orders Option for owner to create and view work orders using the interactive online owner account
Financial tracker Report costs, markups, taxes, profit & loss for work orders
Field staff Jobs auto assigned to staff by home with manual override
Audit Trails Yes - new and updated items recorded by SecureTrack

Access Windows Edition, Online Edition, Mobile iPad / iPhone App, Mobile browser, Mac (via parallels)
Security Access Control Multi level password, custom staff access data views, IP restricted by physical location (option)
Data Backup Automatic
Staff Access Multi user / edition / location (all editions / users work in sync from any location)
Dashboard Custom dashboard on start up
Network Network matrix manages connections between, back office computers and mobile devices to, multiple web sites, SuperSites, external reservation networks via XML