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Ciirus Property Manager Features Enterprise Edition
What is Property Manager
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Property Manager is an Integrated Property Management Administration and Reservation System specifically designed for vacation rental properties. Ciirus Property Manager has enhanced features to fully operate and automate tasks for a Vacation Rental Business.

The system is multi-user, multi-computer, any number of administrators, homeowners and booking agents can simultaneously access Property Manager at any time from any number of authorized locations worldwide based on your personal security preferences, at no extra cost. The system can be accessed from a desktop PC, an internet web browser or mobile device.

Your homeowners and guests expect first class service and Property Manager delivers what they expect and more. Each homeowner gets a free customizable personal web site with availability calendars, online quotes, media players and a back end bookings management system access. All availability calendars and other data will always be in sync with the management company data, even on external web sites.

Full homeowner statement accounts, bill payments and integrated marketing tools, like the Booking Agent login and full analytics reporting engine to get those bookings rolling in.

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Dashboard (start screen)
Property Manager Dashboard View
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The Dashboard displays an at a glance overview of the days ahead. The Dashboard can be configured to show details to suite your requirements. By default the dashboard displays, guest arrivals, guests departures, work orders, cleans, credit card deposits and announcements. Selectable items on the dashboard can be sent to the printer.
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Homeowner Statements (Escrow Accounts)
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Property Manager instantly produces homeowner statements, saving days of time and effort. The homeowner accounts are automatically updated when any activity is detected. For example, if a guest has made a credit card payment the rental income payment is credited to the owner's account.

Recurring payments can be custom set and instantly debited to all or individual accounts. Other automated statement features include, works orders, cleaning and housekeeping, tourists and sales taxes.

The owner statements can be viewed by the home owners online or emailed. This provides distributed reporting for the home owner and the management company.

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Bookings and Reservations Management
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Property Manager Dashboard View
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Guests can search and view detailed property descriptions before booking. These include full text description with images for each room or areas of a property, animated image gallery, 360 virtual tour and video tour (when available). Instant real time quotes and availability are displayed on your web site.

When making a booking, the online reservation booking system directs your guests through each stage of the availability, pricing, booking, terms and payment process.

The Management Company can view detailed multi view information for a single or all bookings in an adjustable graphical timeline or a text list format with adjustable scale and contrast modes.

The bookings detail screen contains detailed information for each booking, including contact details, dates, multi -currency payments, special requests, status flags and comments.

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Works Orders

Property Manager Dashboard View


Work orders can be requested by a home owner from their personal edition of Property Manager. Work order requests are displayed on the MC work orders screen. The screen is viewable by both the management company and the property owner. Both can add and update comments regarding a task. The management company can add a cost for an order and the escrow account is updated accordingly. The management company can also add a task to the works orders list.

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Cleaning Management
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Cleaning schedules and reports are automatically created each day and cleaners assigned. The system enables the MC to establish rules and pricing for creating the cleaning reports. Processed cleans are added to escrow.

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The Inventory Manager maintains an up to date list of items contained in each home. Information for every item can be updated.

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Credit Card Processing

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When a guest submits a payment for a booking, they are directed to a secure web page where they submit credit card details. Payments can be viewed in the secure credit card processing screen. Each payment then requires processing via your in-house payment process. Payments are entered into escrow, showing a credit for the rental payment and debit for the credit card charges. The bookings manager guests payments page is also updated.

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Sales and Tourist Tax Reports
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view tax reports

The Tourist and Sales Taxes screen displays a report of tourist and sales taxes collected for each booking. Tax rates are set based upon the local county tax regulations which are updated when local county tax rate changes are made.

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Multi-Home Scheduler
Property Manager Dashboard View
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A Schedule and Reminders screen maintains a list of appointments, meetings and reminders. These can be viewed for all properties or for a single property. Visual displays include; Zoom In/Out, Day, Week, Month and Timeline view. Recurring appointments can be set for one or multiple properties.

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Contacts Management
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Property Manager includes a contacts management database to store and manage contacts and suppliers. The contacts manager is integrated with various Property Manager functions. For example, Contact categories such as cleaners can be selected and assigned in the cleaning schedule screen.

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Web Site Management
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Each Property Manager account includes a fully featured web site that can be customized using an easy to use integrated web site editor. Property Manager features can be integrated into multiple web sites, including any existing web site that you currently own or use . Integrated features include; online bookings and availability, property listings and image/video media players. Any changes made in Property Manager will be reflected on all web sites in real-time.

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Marketing tools and web analytics

Property Manager Dashboard View

Property Manager Dashboard View
email marketing

Integrated Analytics engine will display detailed web site traffic information. Detailing information about your web site visitors, the web pages viewed, keywords, referring pages and many reports detailing visitor activity.

When a visitor enquires about a property, the information is available for sending newsletters, follow-up emails or other correspondence. Newsletters can be sent from newsletter templates, to homeowners, past guests and potential guests.


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Booking Agent Login

Property Manager Dashboard View
booking agents

The booking agent login allows external booking agents to request a booking or make bookings based on the level of authorization set for each agent. This can be a great marketing tool as it expands the number of incoming bookings. If discounts apply then discounts will be shown when the agent signs in.

Only images, pricing and descriptions can be accessed by the booking agents.

If bookings are marked for request then the management company can either accept or deny a booking made by an agent.

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Homeowner Login

Property Manager Dashboard View
view web editor
The homeowners can access the system by either downloading the desktop application or via the online edition using any web browser.
Features and benefits for the home owner
  • Complete Bookings Management
  • Owner statement accounts
  • Inventory Control
  • Free personal web site
  • Integrated Availability calendars
  • Online quotes for your guests
  • Initiate & view works orders
  • Store and recall quotes
  • Edit descriptions
  • Upload images
  • Integrated marketing bookings engine
  • Embed video and 360 tours
  • Embed features to your external web sites
  • Free community / Resort videos
  • Independent video media players
  • Search engine optimization
  • Template themes or custom web site
  • Multi user - multi computer access
  • Two way communication with your MC
  • Auto email enquiries
  • Access from desktop, web browser and cell phone
  • Web Site analytics
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Services and Customization
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Property Manager is consistently being updated with new features and we welcome your suggestions to ensure Property Manager is of the highest quality and great value. We offer custom development and customization services to companies that have specific functional or graphical requirements.

Other services offered include flexible setup services and one to one training

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